Bulk transport

From round timber to bulk material.

FRIKUS offers individual transport solutions for all types of bulk goods. The vehicles meet all necessary safety guidelines. Custom-made equipment allows an efficient freight handling from round timber to bulk.

Our fleet.

  • "Walking Floor" articulated lorry:
    large-area "walking floor" vehicles provide just-in-time deliveries to recycling wood-waste customers
  • Backward Tipper:
    upon request with ADR equipment / dust- and liquid-tight
    Dumper ADR - used batteries:
    Services: Acid consistent, closed ADR dumper for battery waste and transport in loose bulk
  • Hooking Trailer Truck:
    independent loading and unloading of containers of 8 m³ to 40 m³ by means of hook lift and fitted loading crane / 2 powered axes


  • Timber industry
  • Chip board industry
  • Paper industry
  • Slaughter by products