Frau und Mann stehen nebeneinander und arbeiten an einem Klemmbrett und im Hintergrund sieht man Autos gelagert.

Releasing Agent

The perfect bridge between automobile manufacturers and final customers.

Comprehensive service package for the automobile industry

In addition to transport vehicle logistics FRIKUS also offers services as a releasing agent (forwarding agent) at our own destinations, Port of Vienna, FRIKUS Car terminal (Kalsdorf/Graz), Car Center Graz (CCG), Port of Koper (Slovenia), Szombathely and Balogunyam (Hungary).

Our services.

  • Protective sheeting for transport
  • EOL quality control
  • Vehicle shuttle
  • Damage control
  • Warehouse management
  • Vehicle handling after arrival at the delivery site
  • Loading of wagons and dispatch
  • Supply of vehicles for truck transport
  • Warehouse management
  • Shipping control
  • Transport market notification
  • System processing of vehicles in own and BMW’s distribution system
  • Preparation of vehicles for dealers

Value added services.

  • Availability of personnel
  • Quality control
  • Assembly work