Liquid transport

FRIKUS tanker vehicles deliver fuels, lubricants and chemical products to their destinations in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.


FRIKUS also operates its own car wash for external cleaning of vehicles. We offer all carriers the possibility to have their trucks cleaned for a fee. Price information: T. 03135 500 DW 8221


Third-party carriers additionally have the possibility to refuel their trucks at the FRIKUS location in Premstättem (charging takes place according to agreement). A calibrated weighbridge is also available in Premstätten.

Our fleet

  • For fuel transports:
    Aluminium tank 5-8 chambers / equipped with pumps / single and multiple measuring systems with receipt printer / gas-assisted hinge system / protection against overfilling / on some lorries, direct invoicing into the HGV bottom-loading / hose rolls (25 - 60 m) / 2 trucks are available individually for end customer business if ordered in advance (hose rool: 40 - 50 m)
  • For chemical transports:
    Stainless steel boiler (L4BH) / insulated pressure tanks / fitted air compressors / 12 m unloading hoses on board / gas assisted hinging system / approved for transportation of hazardous substances in the classes 3, 6.1, 8, 9
  • Single-chamber trailer:
    Stainless steel boiler / three baffles / capacity: 30,000 - 32,000 liters / compressor / insulated / 12m hose on board / heatable on the road
  • Multi-chamber trailer:
    Stainless steel boiler / three to four chambers / capacity: 32,000 - 36,000 liters / compressor / insulated / 12m hose on board / heatable on the road (Optimally suited for split loads, i.e. two to three products, or for two loading or unloading points)
  • Water supply transports
    Seasonal transports for water supply of pools, fountains, agricultural areas or green spaces in the area of Graz & Graz surroundings according to individual requirements.
  • Light Trailer:1 chamber Light Trailer (cargo capacity: 26,300 kg)
  • Flatbed: Breakbulk cargo ADR (Specifications): L: 13.60 m / W: 2.44 m / H: 2.6 m / floor area: 34 palettes

Your advantages

  • Partially heatable boilers
  • High loading capacity - Light Trailer ( up to 26,300 kg)
  • Individually usable trucks with a hose roll of up to 70 meters are available upon advance order

Our sectors

  • Mineral oil industry
  • Chemical industry
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